Saturday, October 15, 2011

File This Under 'Duh'!!!

Let's see, how many rules can one person break before it finally catches up to them?

Ask this guy. This reeks of so much stupid it's hard to watch.

Darwin woulda been proud, trying to chlorinate the gene pool like that. I wonder, are the Darwin Awards still given out? Because this guy should be a finalist!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Here We Go Again

As with most apologists for the current fiasco at the Department of JustUs, there's plenty of blame to go around, except where you know, it's actually supposed to be.

From this piece, another in a series funded by the Joyce Foundation through Media Matters, we hear about how all of this gunwalking nonsense could have been avoided if Texas had all the coolest and latest gun control schemes.

Because, you see, it's the gun laws of Texas that made a desperate woman commit a federal felony by straw purchasing guns for the cartels. Or something.

See, because Tejas didn't pony up to the Brady/VPC/MAIG playbook by banning sport utility rifles like the G3, FAL, AR 15, and WASR 10; or register gun owners like cattle; or require a waiting period to exercise a civil right, well by Gawd this young lady would still be free to get in other kinds of trouble.

Oh, and let's not forget that the USGOV running guns to Mexico is the fault of the weak gun laws in those states. Not that it would've made a difference...Gun dealers being ordered to proceed with sales they knew where wrong to people who until the NICS system was played with couldn't have made the purchase in the first place.

Which begs the question. How does a guy with a known felony record walk into a gun store and fill out a 4473? How does that happen? I'm no expert on the field of felons, but would it stand to reason that somebody told these felons to go to the store and make the purchase? They obviously had to know they would be flagged if they tried, right? I'm having a problem getting my head around that issue.

I Think They May Finally Be Getting It...

That gun control in it's basest form is racist.

That BET would give this piece space is telling. Our side is winning, and JFPO is starting to have an impact. It ain't every day that a piece talking about gun controls angry, racist past gets to appear there.

It starts out good, acknowledging the role the Klan had in making sure negroes stayed disarmed, even mentioning that Dr. King applied for a permit. I think he could have brought up the Deacons for Defense, though. I find it interesting that when the Deacons were around, the Klan wasn't.

The author gets going really good, only to loose it in the end with "And one has to consider whether winning the right to carry handguns everywhere was really that wonderful a victory."

Just when you think the lamp will finally light in this guy's head, it gets brushed aside as quickly as it occurred.