Wednesday, May 23, 2012


So it's been awhile since I've put pen to paper so to speak.  For that I blame my shoulder.

Last month I went under the knife to repair some torn cartilage in my right shoulder.  I've spent the last 6 weeks holed up in an immobilizer, trying to get used to doing things one-handed.  Thankfully, I'm left handed, so the slow down didn't really affect me much.

So in the interim, I've got some new projects that are taunting me, laughing while I recuperate.  The weekend after I had surgery, I picked up a matching-numbers Imbel FAL kit from a fun show for five bills.  Got a Coonan Type 3 receiver on the way, and as soon as I get the strength back in my right arm, it's getting built.

A couple of weeks later, I got bit by the tax stamp bug again, and just had to HAVE a Yugo M92.  Me being me, it's both cheaper and more fun to build my own.  So thanks to fine folks at Arms of America, I picked up a virgin M92 kit with an chrome lined barrel, a NDS 92 receiver, and a 6-month wait while the taxman decides if I'm worthy enough to have my 5th stamp.

In the 'pisses me off' column, we have the Fast and Furious thing becoming slow and depressing.  Multiple sources are saying that it would be easier to drop the whole thing than actually do something about a government agency that purposely armed the most dangerous criminals in the hemisphere in an attempt to create a 'crisis' they could exploit for more gun control laws.

Also in that column is the tale out of Canada of the father of a 4 YO girl who was arrested, strip-searched, violated, charged with a bogus crime, had his house searched (without a warrant mind you) all because said 4 YO girl drew a picture of her father killing monsters with a gun.  After detaining the mother and sending the other children to Social Services to be 'interviewed' about this so-called gun, After an exhaustive search turned up a clear plastic airsoft piece, the school board expressed their 'concern' by stating that 'as co-parents, it's our responsibility'...Whisky Tango Foxtrot, Over?  Where in the blue hell does any school district or board think they get that right from again?  Were they in the room when the child was conceived?  Did they go through the labor/surgery to birth this child?  Were they there for the first steps/words/bath/insert any one of baby's firsts here?  No.  So back off Dr. Dummassteacher.

Then there's the Martin/Zimmerman thing.  As everyone with a brain said at the time, just wait until the facts come out before running off at the mouth.  Sure enough, it comes out Zimmerman had a broken nose and numerous cuts on the back of his head.  The deceased had busted up knuckles.  Hmmm.  I wonder who the real aggressor was...Not that it matters to the perpetually outraged crew.

Did I mention that today was 6 weeks to the day since I had surgery and I got the stupid immobilizer off?  And that my next appointments are with the physical therapist?  You know, the folks who spend the summer interned with the CIA learning new and exciting ways to elicit confessions?  Funny, the stuff the physical therapists do would be considered cruel and unusual punishment were we not paying them to make us feel better.

Any way, I'm back.  More to follow.