Thursday, February 21, 2013


I've largely been silent on the gun control issues lately because folks with bigger brains and better skills have been saying exactly what I've been thinking.

(WARNING:  I'm about to break my no expletive rule.)

Today, an editorial in my old home state struck a nerve and pissed me right off.

First, to Mr Damson, hailing from my hometown I say this.  Fuck off you piece of shit.  You have no business telling me or any other gun owner what we can and cannot own.  I could give a shit less if you used to have a carry permit.  I could also give a shit that you used to be a member of the NRA and that you left the organization because they were too extreme.  Guess what fucknuts, they aren't even close.  Gunowners of America, Second Amendment Foundation, and Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms are much more extreme than the wafflers at NRA.

You're a real gun owner because you have 8 guns and go hunting.  Big fucking deal.  I have an order of magnitude more than you do, but only 3 of them were designed at the outset as a classic 'hunting' rifle.  But here's the kicker you moron.  Every single rifle I own I can hunt with.  Every one.  And since the state of Wyoming doesn't limit magazine size, I've taken some of my rifles hunting with a 75 round drum.  Do I need 75 rounds?  No.  But it pisses pants-shitting Fudds like you right off and that's the point.  Just like suppressors.  When the state allows them for hunting, I'll be taking one of those with me as well.  I originally wanted to use it to protect my hearing, but since it offends your sensibilities, I'll use it just to piss you off.

So take your dumb-ass nuclear weapon and Apache helicopter argument and go back to the sheep pen you crawled out of.