Friday, January 30, 2009

Well, Here I Am

Wow. My very first foray into the dark world of blogging. Some folks get into blogging because of someone else. Some get into it because they have something to say. Some do it because they can.

Me? Kind of an "all of the above" situation. The someone else in this case is my family and friends who have read my writing and have have told me on several occasions I should do this. Anyone who knows me, knows that there are very few times when I DON'T have something to say, and well, I'm here ain't I?

So, what to talk about?

Lets start off with the primary reason I'm here. Guns. More specifically, gun rights. I've sat and read all the greats: David Codrea, Say Uncle, Nikki Fellenzer, both Sebastians, Joe Huffman, Bruce at mAss Backwards, Lady Tam at View from the Front Porch, Kevin Baker of The Smallest Minority, and the man whose writings had a great affect on me, Kim Du Tuit (who may not be blogging anymore but his writings provide many with mentorship).

While the prose I write will never reach the level of these fine folks, I cannot sit back and let them do the heavy lifting. Although my voice is small, I will lend it to the growing symphony of pro-gun voices on the world wide web.

So what are my qualifications to be here? Well, to start with I'm the proud owner of over a dozen politically incorrect firearms, most of which are the brainchild of one Mikhail T. Kalshnikov. While I have a smattering of other firearms, these are and remain my first love. Being an owner of such a weapon has lead me to research the legalities and quirks of these fine instruments which I will share from time to time along with the weapons themselves.

They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. I'm taking my first one, and away we go!

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