Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sorry for the light posting

It's been murder at work the last couple of weeks, plus some minor health issues equal light posting over the last few weeks.

Although I do believe a little update is in order.

I am now an Endowment member of the NRA. Did the whole Legacy upgrade thing. Along with the Legacy upgrade, I also got my wife an annual membership, just to see how she'd like it. If I get another Legacy upgrade, I may upgrade her to Life member status.

I've also been busy with a special project for my wife. Can't give too many details away right now, but I'll guarantee she'll be blown away by it.

On the news front, mass murder and mayhem erupted Monday as gunslingers were allowed to carry concealed weapons in National Parks. At least that's what the Brady Bunch et al are saying. Sebastian at Snowflakes in Hell has all the details.

Also on the legislative front, the editorial board of the Casper Star-Tribune gets it's paranoia on, by, well, I'll let them explain it themselves (hat tip to David Codrea for the link and the update). As a reminder (or a history lesson) this paper has consistently been against loosening gun laws in the state for the better part of 20 yrs. They were against may issue CC, then against shall issue CC, they fought tooth and nail to take the teeth out of the 'castle doctrine' bill that, while eventually passed, was a shadow of the original bill that was filed. Oh, and that National Parks thing? They were against that, too. And you wouldn't believe there postition on the two Firearms Freedom Acts introduced in the state legislature. But hey, at least they support the right to keep and bear arms, right?

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