Thursday, April 15, 2010

My BAG Day Gun

Not really a gun, but it's a Bulgarian AK 74 parts kit. So, while not a real BAG Day gun, it soon will be!


Thirdpower said...

Nice. My BAG day purchase was ammo that my cousin and I bought a few weeks ago. :)

Speaking of. What do you use in your Tiger?

I use the Wolf 148 gr.

hazmat said...

I use a mix of handloads, commerical OTS stuff, and mil surp. I've also got some 7N1 stuff back when it was available for $150/crate.

My handloads are in once-fired Win brass w/CCI LR primers sitting on 46 grains of Vihtivouri N140 powder (when I can find it, I'm currently out) and .312 diameter Hornady SP bullets.

Interestingly, the handloads outperform the Russian 7N1 in terms of accuracy.

Thirdpower said...

I've got a case of the 7N1 that I picked up for about $250. Haven't opened it. I want to get to the point where I'm a better shot before I start using it.

hazmat said...

I wound up with a case and a half. One can I opened to shoot and see how well it performed. The remaining 880 rd case is still sealed in its wooden shipping crate.

I must say that the performance of my handloads over the Soviet match ammo was quite surprising. .5" @ 100 yds w/handloads vs 2.5" at 100 yds w/7N1.