Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Overheard In The Gun Store Today

One thing I have to give my new adopted home of Rapid City is they are definitely a tourist trap. We usually see all manner of tourists around here over the course of the summer months, from the odd occasional wandering Canadian to the odd hippie or two, to the bikers that come to town during the Sturgis Rally.

Every once in a while, one will wander through the doors of my second home here, First Stop Gun and Coin. Today was no exception...except for the elderly couple and their grandson.

Grandma: Why don't they have any different books here?

Grandson: Blink....Blink

Grandma: I mean, all they have is books on guns. Don't they have anything else?

Grandson: Blink.....Blink

Grandma: Oh look, here's one on fishing. I wonder why they don't have any other books here other than stuff on Winchester and guns.

Me (to myself): The fact you're standing in a gun store is completely lost on you, isn't it?

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