Thursday, August 12, 2010

Buffalo Chip Machine Gun Shoot, Day 4

Hit the ground running again yesterday, had a line of folks waiting to shoot when I got there. Talking to the guys on the line, they were in line waiting at 0930. And it stayed that way pretty much all day long. We got our first real break around 6.

Also had our first obligatory celebrity sighting. Brett Michaels showed up to shoot, and was probably the most personable celebrity I've met. I got a picture with him, but in the interest of privacy, I'll be holding onto that one.

Anyway, here's a few pics of the line during a small break in the action.

Oddly enough, the most popular weapon on the line was Ma-Duece. One lady put 60 rds through her at a cost of $60 per 10.

The next most popular was 'Kitty Kat". An M1919 in 8mm with a chopped barrel. As you can see, picking up the brass at the end of the day was a little easier than the other weapons on the line.

A look down the line. Just as I was getting ready to start cleaning up, here came the entourage.

This is where we've shooting the sub-guns and assault rifles. This way other shooters on the line don't get showered in spent cases. BTW, when we were able to clean up, I filled that bucket a third of way up with the brass in this picture. That's not including the steel cased stuff that was thrown out front of the line.

So, as you can see, we've been busy the last couple of days. Today shouldn't be much different. If I can, I'll post the pics from today's shooting tonite. But if not, I'll be sure to have them up tomorrow morning. See you then!

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