Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dale Jr, Redux

I noticed that I've got a couple of visits about my screed regarding Dale Jr. Maybe one of those hits was from Junior himself.

I stand behind what I said. I love the guy to death, always had a soft spot for him even before Senior passed away. I like seeing him succeed.

But what I've been seeing from him since the BS started over at DEI between him and that thing that called herself Dale Sr.s wife, it's been a downhill spiral ever since.

My wife thinks the start of his problems began with the wreck he had at Sonoma in the Corvette that caught fire. I call BS. He won races after that, during his last stint in the Chase.

Maybe his Daddy was from a different breed. I don't know, breaking your sternum and putting your ca on the pole at Watkins Glen seems to be from a by-gone era.

The only thing I can deduce from watching almost every single race between then and now is that he has become scared of the equipment he routinely operates on a weekly basis.

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