Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Party Time In Baltimore

It seems as though a group of folks have a problem with firearms in Maryland, and Baltimore in particular and are all upset that the owner of the oldest gun store in town didn't jump on the Bloomberg group Mayors Against You...I mean Illegal guns 10 pt plan. The hidden part of this 'plan' is to eradicate what they term 'illegal gun sales' by having the store record the purchases made by their customers and having that information run through a database kept by some lackey.

No invasion of privacy issues there at all. Not a one.

They tried to talk reasonable, but communications broke down over that pesky little invasion of privacy thing.

So the group decides they're going to picket said store.

How does our intrepid store owner respond?

By having a party, of course!

Talk about the ultimate counter protest, eh?

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