Thursday, January 13, 2011

When The Monkeys Fling Poo At The Zoo

Normally, when the monkeys at the zoo start flinging poo all over the place, most folks try to avoid it.

What I'm seeing and hearing all over the TV, radio, and the Algorian intertubes is a whole lot of poo flinging with not a lot of it hitting anything. And what it does hit, it doesn't stick to very well.

From Paul Krugman at the NYT, to Olbermann and Matthews at MSLSD, all the way down the Obama-bot zombies in the farthest reaches of the intertubes. In this case, it's like passing a bad car wreck on the highway. You know you shouldn't watch, but you can't help it, either.

With each passing day, with more and more evidence of the twisted mind of the lunatic shooter coming to light that paints him not as some political assassin but as the lone, deranged nutbag he was before the NYT and MSLSD took over the failed narrative.

It's almost pitiiful to watch actually. The picture that has been painted the last couple of days is falling down around them, yet they can't bring themselves to backtrack or retract what they've said. And the venom they use to defend their position is probably the most ironic thing to come out of this whole mess. Blaming a political faction and party for violent rhetoric by accusing them with....violent rhetoric.

And does Bill Maher really believe the BS he's peddling? Calling the NRA a bunch of assassins? If that were really the case, would Maher have the balls to come out on national TV and say so? Don't think so. Because if all the violent stuff the political right has been accused of were actually true, there wouldn't be a political left in this country. Projection is such a lovely thing, ain't it?

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