Friday, November 9, 2012

M70 PAP Update #1

So I purchased a Zastava M70 PAP rifle back in Feb and rehabilitated it back in Sept.

After hunting around for a good deal on some wood for the stock set, the gods at Gunbroker smiled on me late last month and I picked up an almost complete Mitchell Arms take-off stock set for her for $80 plus shipping.


Now that I've got her dressed, the last thing I have to do is fabricate a piece to cover the angle cut area at the rear of the receiver.  I've also got to get a cleaning rod for her.  Other than that, I'm done.

Learned some new things getting this project done.  First, never underestimate the power of a good dial caliper.  I had all kinds of ideas about how to open up the mag well, I tried to create a template to lay over the mag well, but that didn't go very well.  What I ended up doing was measuring the width of another rifle, in this case the mag well of my M70 AB2 underfolder, and then transferring those measurements over to the Zastava.

Also, never underestimate the need for a good shop vac when using the rotary file on a Dremel tool, especially when using said tool to open up the mag well.  The metal shavings that little tool produces is amazing.  I'm still trying to clean up from it, even after vacuuming them up, cleaning my bench with Fantastic general purpose cleaner, and wiping everything down with a half a roll of paper towels.

So now it's on to the next project:  getting my M92 prepped for when I eventually get the tax stamp I put in for back in early May.  I've already got the barrel assembled, now it's getting the barrel installed in the virgin front trunion and getting it headspaced.

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Anti Money Laundering said...

Guns, guns, and guns... I love the after image. Good to see innovation.