Friday, March 15, 2013

Time To Turn The Tables

Since the anti gun forces are so quick to equate ownership of certain types of firearms, membership in certain civil rights organizations, and opposition to their hairbrained schemes as being guilty of committing the atrocious acts of a very few crazed nut jobs, I'm going to start returning the favor.

They want to call me a murderer because I'm a member of the NRA?  Fine.  Then the next time a dipstick politician talks about using call boxes and whistles and throwing up an attacker, I'm going to call them a rapist.  Why?  Since they have seen fit to deny these people the means and ability to defend themselves from such an attack, that makes them an accessory to the crime.  If you do something to facilitate a felony, doesn't that make you just as guilty as if you had actually done the deed?  I mean, we can charge an accomplice with murder if the other suspect dies when shot by a homeowner can't we?

There you go.  Next time someone gets shot and is not able to defend themselves effectively because they couldn't fight back, then the pol who supported/voted for the law that stripped the victim of the means of defense is a murderer, plain and simple.

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