Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Anyone Else See These?

So some new-fangled gun control group with a catchy name has a new ad campaign out comparing what's banned at school and trying to gin up hysteria over certain things not being banned at school.

First, they trot out a bunch of little kids.  Probably no more than 6 or 8 years old, looking at the photos.

See, in the interest of pushing an agenda, it's OK to exploit children.  That they would first demagogue gun owners who post pictures of their children holding guns and threaten them with DSS and child endangerment charges and then turn around do something far worse is really no surprise.

Some of the commentors quoted in the article hit it right on.  Two questions that were brought up, first about why is it that only the Caucasian children the ones holding the guns, and that whoever took these photos and chaperoned this event didn't know doodleysquat about basic firearms safety.  In every single photo in the linked piece, the chirrens with the guns all have their fingers ensconced firmly on the bang switch.  Evidently, being a 'gun safety' organization concerned with gun control means never having to actually practice real gun safety.

But the larger question is this.  If a book is banned at one school district in one state but no other, and a common ball game is banned at one school in one state, and one toy is banned in school, we must make guns in schools illegaller than it already is.  Even though all firearms have been banned in and around schools since 1996 unless you have been imbued with the magical powers of the Law Enforcement Badge of Power.

Note to Moms Demand Action:  The NRA doesn't need to 'instill fear' of guns being banned or confiscated.  You're pet politicians are taking care of that all on their own.

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