Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tag...You're It!

In the wake of the Zimmerman Trial, one word has been thrown out so much it almost doesn't matter anymore.  What you see below started out as a comment to a piece by Thomas Sowell that appeared on last week's editorial page in the Rapid City Journal.  For some reason, the filter on the comments wouldn't allow it, something about it being profane.  So instead, I'll post it hear.

The use of the term 'racist' has been cheapened in the last 5 yrs to the point it's almost pathetic.  I can remember a time in the not-so-distant-past where to be called a racist was a death knell for one's professional career and livelihood and was the proverbial 'scarlet letter' that haunted you for the rest of your days.  Even in the wake of the Paula Dean 'scandal', I wasn't really sure what to make of it.  Everyone screams 'Racist' now.  How do you know if what you're dealing with is actual, you know, Racism? 

David Duke was a racist.  Bull Connor was a racist.  George Wallace was a racist.  Grandma down the street who wants to keep her health care and wants to keep out those who have not come to this country through legal means is now suddenly a racist.  If you believe in the founding principles of this country that the government is supposed to be seen and not heard, you're now a racist.

Not any more.  Any disagreement with a protected minority leads to charges of racism, whether there is any proof of said injustice or not.  Disagree with Dear Leader?  Because Racist!  Disagree with Sharpton/Jackson/et al?  Why, you're a no-good Racist!  Want to discuss actual border security, and not the theater act currently playing the part?  RACIST!  RACIST!  RACIST! 

My personal favorites are if you have a friend of color, you do so because you're a closet racist.  And we can't forget the secret code words that liberals love to ascribe to conservatives like...socialist, or communist, or Chicago, or any other word that gets anointed as such by the slobbering boogereaters over on BSNBC.

Wolf.  That's exactly what the word has become.  Same thing has happened to words like 'nazi' and 'fascist', and is quickly happening to 'communist' and 'socialist'.  People hear them now, they simply shrug their shoulders and move on.

It's become almost a version of Godwin's Law, just replace the word 'nazi' with 'racist'.

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