Friday, February 6, 2009

Follow Up On Brady Rankings

Yesterday I pointed out Wyoming's ranking with teh Brady Bunch. Today, lets have a look at South Dakota, shall we?

So, to rehash here, Cali has a violent crime rate of 522.6/per 100k and a murder rate of 6.2. Total number of murders was 2249 with 1305 committed by firearms.

For SD, it was 169.2 in '07, down from 171.4. The murder rate was 2.1/100k up slightly from 1.2 in '06. A whopping 15 people were murdered in SD last year, compared to 9 the previous year.

How does that 15 stack up? Well of those 15, 4. That's one more than 3, one less than 5. 4. That's how many people were murdered with a firearm in SD in 2007. 2 were killed with a hand gun and one each were killed with a rifle and shotgun. The rest were killed with sharp, pointy things or hands and feet.

So how does SDs gun laws rate on the Brady Bunch's state ranking? Tied with AZ, AR, FL, ID and NM for 36th with a whopping 6 points out of 100.

As I asked yesterday. Where would you rather live. CA or SD/WY?

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