Monday, February 16, 2009

Wyoming 2A Resolution

There is a resolution pending in the state legislature calling on the .gov to cease and desist further encroachments on the 2nd Amendment. After leaving a few comments there, one poster had some interesting things to say. His post is first, I responded, and my response (editing out his/her name to protect the guilty) is below.

" For clarification: yes, I have guns and I hunt and my father-in-law was an accomplished hunting guide.
What I object to is the raving paranoia that the durn libruls are gonna take our firearms! Gimme a break.
The NRA is nurturing this paranoia for one reason -- to raise gobs of money, not because there's ANY threat to gun ownership.
There's only a minority of Democrats that want to restrict gun ownership and they are more than matched by the western Dems who won't go there.
As for these rants about socialism and communism, some of you are starting to make Glenn Beck sound sane (which he manifestly is not).
Finally, don't all you gun-huggers ever get tired of being manipulated by the NRA, GOP and talk radio wingnuts? "
"There is indeed justifiable fear on the part of gun owners. Look up the text of H.R. 45. It provides for a system of licensing to purchase handguns and semi-automatic rifles that accept a detachable magazine. This law would apply retroactively to include weapons already possessed. What this bill demonstrates is a prior restraint on exercising a civil right. We have learned, as a society, that this doesn't work. We no longer require literacy test to vote, there are no poll taxes paid to vote. You don't have to get a license from the gov't to buy a magazine or write a letter to the editor. Apples and oranges you say? Consider this. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, right? Well, who really pushed us into war? The soldier or the journalist?

The proposed law in question flies in the face of the law, as well as the recent Heller decision. Remember, BOTH sides found the right to arms an individual one. Federal law does not allow for registration.

One interesting fact about registration is that it invariably leads to confiscation. It happened in England and Australia in 1996 and 1997 respectively. You might say that it couldn't happen here, but you'd be wrong. It did, and it happened in 2005 in CA to law-biding owners of .50 BMG rifles. (Which coincidentally were developed for civilian use in long distance marksmanship competitions that the Navy took an active interest in.)

So don't sit there and tell me we have nothing to fear. The WH chief of staff wants anyone who's on the "Do Not Fly" watch list to be excluded from ever purchasing a firearm. No due process, no notification, nothing. Never mind that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of names on that little "list" that don't belong there, including sitting US Senators.

So what country do you want to live in? One where you are stopped for no reason and searched with no regard for your rights, sent away to work in a forced labor camp for the "State", or just disappeared? Or one where you have the freedom to move wherever you want, without worry of being stopped just because, your labor belongs to you, not the state, and you are free to purchase what you want independent of what some faceless politician in a faraway office thinks? I know which one I want to live in. "

What his post tells me is he's a false flag. I'm a gunowner-but I don't think all you cousin-humping rednecks should have what I have. Anyone who follows, or has followed, the gun-law/gun control debate scene with even a passing curiosity knows that confiscation is the ultimate goal of the dhimmicrats. Has been since the 1960's. Right now is their best chance. They have the numbers. 59 votes in teh senate. Granted, some of them are 'pro-gun', but we are talking about the communist/socialist wing of American politics here, and their leadership will brook nothing short of the party line.

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