Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here We Go Again

I agree with what a couple of commenters said. I try to engage in lively debate here, but have had my masculinity challenged and been accused of being a mindless zombie among other things.

What Obama seeks to redefine is how this country goes about its business. What has worked fine for 230 yrs in this country now all of a sudden is evil and must be stopped.
What he advocates is nothing less than the destruction of the American way. Instead of letting banks that need to, fail, he advocates keeping bad business practices in place, endangering the rest of the market. Instead of a house cleaning to get itself in order, the market now looks more like a teenagers room complete with dirty socks and underwear all over the floor.
Instead of letting business fail that have severely outlived their usefulness, we must now save them because they are "too big to fail". Yes those businesses will fire/layoff people. Yes, pension plans will be hit hard. But you know what? They'll recover. Tech industries in the late 90s went under, thousands of people lost jobs, retirement funds, and homes. Yet the sky did not fall. Life went on, they went on.

And speaking of homes, lets get this turd on the table. For its entire existence, this country has frowned on bad and irresponsible behavior. Never before in this country's history has so much bad behavior been met with the hoopla we have now. Misrepresented your income to get a house you KNEW there was no way you could afford? No problem, Uncle Sugar will pick up the tab. Blame the banks and the politicians all you want.

You really want to know who's responsible for this mess? Look in the mirror. If you got a home you knew you couldn't afford at a price and interest rate you knew was too good to be true? Tag, you're it. That's the problem now. Everybody thinks they have the right, but nobody wants the responsibility. You got the loan and couldn't pay it back? It's not the guy down the street who did everything right, its your fault.

I am neither Republican or Democrat. I am conservative. I voted Republican in the last 3 elections because of what I see as an attempt to take this country in a direction it does not need to go. Government is not your Daddy. It's not your Mommy. It is not parent to your children. It is not a tool to be used as a cudgel against those ills you think need fixing. It is a necessary evil that is to be seen and seldom heard. I don't want it in my backyard, your bedroom, your Doctors office, or least of all in my bank account.

The fears the author shares are real, to him. Several of us share his fears. Just like for the last 8 years, several accused Bush of being this or being that. Very little ever came of it. Why? Because he didn't have the control of government like Obama does. I figure the same is happening here. What makes our fear more palatable is the ideology of those involved. Their intentions are clear on everything from taxes to guns. Will their intentions come to pass? I don't know. I hope not.

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