Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Intersting Last Couple of Weeks

Wow, I've been away for a while, spending time with Mrs Hazmat, attending gun shows as two legs of the triangle of death, dealing with 3 blizzards in 2 weeks, and being, well lazy.

In the interim, I've bought a new hunting rifle and a new 1911A1. I'll post more about them in the future.

I also paid for my Life Membership to the National Rifle Association. Yeah Me!

But what has really got my dander up is the recent spate of anti gunowner hysteria from every corner of the MSM, including a particularly shameful piece by ABC News. Seems any shooting involving more than one person is now grounds for reinstating the cosmetic ban on semi automatic weapons, closing a mythological loophole that allows ordinary Americans the right to transfer privately owned property amongst themselves, and using those shootings as a springboard into keeping a database of gunowners similar to sex offender lists.

Also in the news is the blaming of America's supposedly lax gun laws fueling drug related mayhem in another country. I've heard ad-nauseum for the last two weeks how 90% of the guns used in drug related killings in Mexico come from the United States. So far this little gem has been thoroughly debunked by the Washington Times, Fox News and Factcheck.org.

There is some good news on the horizon. David Hardy at Of Arms and the Law brings us news that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has found the 14th Amendment incorporates the 2nd Amendment on the states within it's jurisdiction. While this jurisdiction is limited to CA, AZ, AK, OR, WA, HI, ID, NV, and MT, it will most certainly be cited in other court cases currently pending in other circuits. For a more detailed breakdown, see Kevin Baker's round up at the Smallest Minority. Remember, the 9th Circus brought us the Pledge of Allegiance flap so this news is somewhat shocking to say the least.

Well, tah-tah for now. I'll try to get more up in the future!

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