Thursday, September 17, 2009

Illegal Guns, What????

Seems Mrs. Joanne Hafter has a problem with illegal guns. I've been around guns my whole life, been an active gun owner and self proclaimed gun nut for the last 6 yrs, and I have yet to see an illegal gun at a gun show. Now I've seen a few real illegal guns, some rifles that were illegally modified contrary to the National Firearms Act. Read: illegal post-May 1986 sample machine guns. And those were seen in stores where I pointed out to the staff what they had and what they needed to do with them. I know they were taken off the shelf, but what happened to them after that I have no idea. Then there's the illegal short barreled rifle, and the gun with a filed off serial number. These I've never seen, but the SN issue has come up in recent news.

Another thing I have an issue with are the so-called "kits that enable legal weapons to become illegal". See, I've bought several "kits" over the last couple of years to build up my collection of politically incorrect semi-automatic rifles; rifles that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to acquire (or afford) through any other means. I've built Yugoslavian, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, and Bulgarian rifles in configurations that would have cost me over 100% more than what I paid for these "kits" had I attempted to purchase them from a dealer. I've now got 2 NFA tax stamps (and getting ready for a third here shortly) for two SBRs built from these "illegal kits that enable legal weapons to become illegal". Did I mention the receivers for these rifles were transferred through a legitimate dealer, with a FFL, complete with mandatory background check? Illegal again, how, exactly?

Does Mrs Hatcher know that a person may build their own rifle, without any licensing from the BATFE? Yup, you sure can, as long as you don't sell it on the open market, you're good to go. I know several folks who have done so, on 80% receivers they bought on line and bent and welded up themselves.

Now, knowing what exactly an illegal gun is, I challenge Mrs Hatcher (or anyone else, for that matter) to explain to me just what an illegal gun is in her definition.

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