Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rest In Peace, SSgt Bryan Berky

UPDATE: Yesterday, there was a dedication ceremony in the ring of the fallen at Ellsworth AFB, honoring SSgt Berky. Here is the memorial dedicated to his memory:

On Saturday morning, 12 Sep, SSgt Berky made the ultimate sacrifice for his country, leaving behind a wife and 9-month old son.

I didn't know SSgt Berky well, but I knew him. A great sense of humor and being an EOD troop, dedicated to his job. I got the sense that being around him, you couldn't help but smile.

Lo there, do I see my father,

Lo there, do I see my mother

and my sisters and my brothers.

Lo there, do I see the line of my people,

back to the beginning

Lo, they do call to me,

they bid me to take my place among them

in the halls of Valhalla,

Where the brave may live forever

Rest in peace, brother. You have earned your place in Valhalla.

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