Sunday, October 24, 2010


I've been a Bronco fan my whole life. Been watching Denver games since I was old enought to watch TV. I've seen some pretty pathetic performances over the years, all those Super Bowl losses, and watched them give up leads of 30 or more points to lose in the final minutes of the game.

But todays, I don't even want to dignify it as a game, ass whupping was something I thought I'd never see. There used to be jokes about Denver's schedule. You know, playing Sister Mary's School for the Blind and Cub Scout Pack 22. But I seriously think that wasn't who they were playing, but who was actually on the team this afternoon.

Josh McDaniels challenged his teams toughness last week before the Jets game. I don't think there's any question anymore. What I saw today was a team that just laid down and died on the field.

Oh, you could say they were outplayed, and they were. By a team that could only put up 9 points last week.

There was only one time in all the years that I've been a watching your games that I was embarrassed to be a Bronco fan, and that was when they got their ass handed to them by San Fran, 55-10, in Super Bowl XXIV. Today was by far much worse. 59-14? To Oakland? Really guys? I think the only thing that could have been worse was losing to Detroit or Buffalo.

I'm not challenging your toughness, but your manhood. Man up. Play like like you've got something worth fighting for. I swear, it almost seemed like you didn't even want to play today. I realize it's the Sabbath and all, but c'mon. Does anyone on the defense even know their way to the quarterback? Does anyone on the defense know how to tackle?

Offensively, you know that little round oblong thing that the refs put on the ground at the start of every play? You know, the FOOTBALL? Yeah, that thing is supposed to stay with the folks who have the same colored shirt you have on. Not the guy wearing other team's colors, and it most definitely does not go to the guy who has a free shot at your end zone. It also does not get dropped on the ground for those same other folks to pick up. Got it?

And if you do all that correctly, could you at least try to make at least 10 yds in the number of downs given? I'm not asking much, just the occasional first down every once in a while. The punter should not be getting the lion share of time on the field unless he's holding for the kicker on a point-after or field goal.

I'm not sure how many team-low records you set for yourselves today, as I could only watch until the Raiders were already up by 38 POINTS.

Gad. Get it together.

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