Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Brady Gets Their Knickers In A Twist

It would seem the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Ownership has its panties in a twist over the supposed lack of reporting of "unstable mental patients" to "a national database".

What's the Brady position? Why, they think the state of Alabama, according to one Doug Pennington, "should not be finding ways to keep people out of the (database) system, the state should be finding ways to put them in".

Great, not that they don't have enough ways to potentially disqualify folks from being able to get a firearm, now the want the state to figure out new and creative ways to add more people to the 'mentally incompetent' roles. Evidently, the watch list thing isn't working out the way they planned, so they're jumping on any and all available means to justify their ends. No surprise, really, when you stop to consider the increasing irrelevance of their movement (tip o the old hat to Jeff Soyer at Alphecca for the link!).

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