Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

For my birthday 2 days ago, I went out an picked up my layaway from the local funstore.

It's a Dan Wesson Commander Bob-Tail in 10mm. Now, I'm not real big fan of stainless steel pistols, but this one grabbed my attention by the gnads and wouldn't let go. The action is tighter than any other semi auto I've ever handled or owned. Paid just over 9 bills to get her, plus the guys threw in two extra mags ( a SS colt and MecGar 8 rd mag). It's got the Trijicon night sights, and I was a little disappointed I couldn't find any biblical refernces in the SNs, bummer. Anyway, this brings the 1911 count to 6, and probably growing.

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