Sunday, July 25, 2010

Udate On The Bad Week

It's been about almost two weeks since my Week From Hell, so an update is in order.

First, my Mother. Broke two ribs on the left side, two lateral fractures on the right side of her pelvis, and 7 staples in her forehead. All in all, she got away pretty clean from what could have been an otherwise nasty wreck. Talking to my Dad, if the 4-wheeler had flipped over one more time, it would've landed right on top of her.

As of right now, she has no recollection of the accident itself. Just before the accident is clear and then sitting on the running board of the 4-wheeler with my Dad talking to her.

My cousin, is good news and getting better. Seems she was having constant migraines as the result of work related injuries. The docs were just kind of paying lip service to the issue and kicking the can just far enough down the road to not do any good. After 2 yrs of constant headaches, she was after anything that would take the pain away.

Fortunately, when she did what she did, drinking antifreeze, she immediately threw it up, but there was enough in her system that it attacked her kidneys which resulted in a trip to the ER in Colorado Springs.

The good news in all of this is she's getting the help she needs.

So, there's the long and short of it. Everything came out all right. Thank God.

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