Thursday, August 18, 2011

As Promised...

A few pics of the shoot last week.

Here's an overview of what we were shooting.

On the line:

Here's the M240B/MAG 58, the next day we got 2 more MG42s. Which was a good thing since of the belt fed guns we had on the line, it was the next most popular next to the '60.

Mr. Popularity himself the M60E3, and two of our 6 1919s (the little one in tiger stripes is an 8mm job)

M1919 in .308, Polish PKM, and the .50 Target rifle

1910 Russian Maxim and Mr. Ronnie Barrett's finest invention the M82A1

Here's the back row, the shoulder fired, magazine fed stuff.

Left to Right: 3 of the 6 1919s we had, M2 Carbine, M1918 BAR, MAC 10 9mm, Romanian AK 74, AMD 65, Romanian AK, Chinese AKS, and the hybrid Romanian/Yugo underfolder.

Left to right: Mauser 98K, the last of the 6 1919s, a pair of Uzi's, S&W 76, Sten Mk I Have No Idea, M3A1 Grease Gun, and a couple of the M16s we had (more in the next pic)

Left to right: 9mm M16 (the only gun we had with burst capabilities), standard M16, and a SWAT special with EOTech sight, MG42 without a barrel, 2 M1927 and 3 M1A1 Thompson submachine guns (interestingly, we started out with 4 50 rd drums and by the end of the week we were down to 2).

Left to Right: Inert Bulgarian RPG, H&K G3/CETME, and 4 of the MP5s (2 in 9mm, one in .40 and the other 10mm)

Left to right: UMP .45, Type 2 FAL, Type 1 FAL with grenade launcher attachment (we had 3 up, 2 were FN rifles and the other was an Imbel. The third FAL went down with spring issues in case you were wondering), .500 S&W, M1 Garand and semi M14 with an inert AT 4 laucher on the floor.

Between the AT4 and the RPG, we LOTS of inquiries about shooting them. Fortunately (or not depending on which side of the line you were on) the only thing we shot with those launchers were pictures.

And lastly, the Queen Mum herself, Mother Deuce.

Quite an eclectic mix of guns to shoot. In the 4 yrs I've been working out there, this is the first time all of the guns got shot. Granted, some only had a mag or two put through them, but by God they all got in on the action.

Next time, some behind the scenes stuff.

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