Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hate Crimes Legislation

Listened in on a discussion on hate crimes legislation. Specifically, adding gay/lesbian/trans-whatever to the list.

Seems the legislation in question has been around since 1987. This is one thing that really boils my blood. What, exactly is a "hate crime"? If you listen to some, it's a crime that is committed because someone has a skin color, religious proclivity, or gender that someone else doesn't like or approve of. What we have, in essence is carving up different classes of folks based on their creed, national origin, gender or any of a number of ways to politically identify someone.

Hate crimes legislation was crafted for one purpose. Gender Identity Politics. The liberal left has made it their mission in life to segregate this country based on artificially defined victim classes. Oh, I'm black and a white guy picked on me...Boo Hoo. Or I'm a female and that guy told a dirty joke...Boo Hoo. But if you're a white guy and someone of a different race, religion, gender, or somesuch does anything to you, then tough twinkies pal. You've just got to deal with it. Bull. Shite.

So answer me this, then. This is for all of you who think hate crimes legislation is the be-all end-all. If a black Muslim man is assaulted and killed by a half white, half Asian gay woman, while saying and doing all the things the FBI says are hallmarks of a hate crime, was there a hate crime committed?

All hate crimes legislation needs to go. Period. You don't need special protections because you're something or other. Murder, rape, robbery, and a whole host of other things are all illegal. Throw the book at them. Put them under the jail, heck shove a tuba up their backside and make them fart show tunes, I don't care, but punish the perpetrator, not the mindset of the act. It doesn't matter if the perp was quoting the Beer Hall Putsch or Malcom X. Dead is dead.

This is the United States people. You know, equality for all? Oh, I forgot, unless you don't fit into one of those pre-determined special victim groups (black, hispanic, asian-pacific islander, buddhist, muslim, hari krishna, female, GLTGTT-EIEIO, did I leave anyone out here?), then you're not as equal as everyone else.

You want to know who the biggest impediment is to proper relations between people right now? The lunatic fringe of the dhimmicrat party, that's who. Nobody can talk to or about anyone else in this country without fear the PC police will come get them.

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