Tuesday, May 5, 2009

While We're On The Subject...

Of things that make my blood boil are those tools who, after seeing the evidence to the contrary, still insist that banning guns (whether they be handguns, "assault" weapons, or any other arbitrarily defined class of firearm) will lead to a reduction in the crime rate. God, those people really....

Anyway, there have been few in the last couple of weeks that can't seem to get it through their thick skulls. One guy writing in the Casper-Star wanted all of us "gun nuts" to turn in all of our guns so they could be turned into ploughshares. This, after he insisted nobody wanted to come after anybodies legally held firearms. Anyone else see the irony in this?

Then, there's the "just one life" crowd. These buffoons argue that if a law "saves just one life" it's worth it. Hogwash. Whose life are they referring to? The creeps that break in to rob and kill a room full of college students? (Thanks to Bruce @ mAss Backwards for the link) The guys who intended to rape, rob and murder them? Because there's one guy that was there that had other plans. I think he chose right. Let's see here. Two goons with (most likely illegal) guns vs 10 college students, one of whom was legally armed. I'll take the legally armed college student for $500, Alex. Unfortunately, one young woman was wounded in the exchange, but given the alternative, I think she's one very lucky lady.

Because as Bruce points out repeatedly, there are those in this country that believe the right of two scum sucking cretins to rape a room full of college coeds and murder everyone in the apartment is apparently more important than the students right to life.

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