Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Warrior Reborn

About 6 weeks ago, I bought a Remington Rand 1911A1, manufactured in 1944. There were some issues with it, as the previous owner had made some "upgrades" to her. A BOMAR rib, an adjustable trigger, an oversize attachment to said trigger, Pachmyer grips, and chrome safety and mainspring housing.

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After 6 weeks at the doctors office and some gifts to the gods of GunBroker, all of the upgrades were reversed. Witness a warrior reborn:


I decided to have her re-blued since I had to have the 6 holes in the top of the slide filled and welded over. Some will say I ruined the collector value, but that was already shot when I got her, with all of the things that were done to her. Jared and crew at Jack First Gun Parts did a top notch job putting her back to right for the amazing amount of $153

I've always admired the lines of the 1911, and after shooting a buddies 1917 manufactured Colt 1911, I got the bug. Now, I've had two other 1911-type pistols, both of them Kimbers. An Ultra Carry, and my current carry piece, an Ultra Raptor. While the lines of the Kimbers are graceful, there is nothing quite like the elegant lines of a true 1911, or 1911A1 in this case.

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