Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Who Just Doesn't Get It

Well, it looks as if a retired preacher from Sewer Falls has his knickers in a knot over the NRA, the ban on scary looking semi-automatic rifles, and the 2A, all at the same time.

He editorializes about the true meaning of the 2A, telling you the reader, that 60% of you are wrong and have been duped by the evil gun lobby into believing the 2A protects an individual right. The good reverend would also have you believe all would be right with the world if we would just get rid of those "evil assault weapons" and make civilian ownership of all firearms impossible. What he doesn't get is gun control is a failed experiment that doesn't work. The CDC thinks so, as they couldn't find a single benefit or desired outcome of a single gun control law. The British and Australians are finding out that virtual bans on civilian gun ownership are having a negative impact on their crime rates (violent crime is going UP in spite of what the antis have promised, but gun crime is low-whoopee!)

One thing he does do is go on about how the expired '94 ban would protect us if only it was extended. The ban did nothing to reduce crime, especially use of those dreaded baby-killing machines. Hard to reduce that which wasn't even a statistical blip on the radar either before the ban went into effect in '94, or after it's expiration in '04. The ban didn't do anything other than ban cosmetic features, and manufacturers complied with the law by removing the offending features and renaming their products (also known as a loophole to anti-gunners). The exact same rifle available before the ban was available during the ban, albeit with some features removed to keep them "readily adaptable and useful for sporting purposes".

He also goes to on whimper about a statistic flopped out there by the Brady Bunch telling us that 15 kids die everyday from gun violence. What he (or the Brady Bunch for that matter) doesn't tell you is that bulk of the "kids" in their figures are between the ages of 17 and 21. Guess which age group makes up the bulk of those killed in gun violence and what those "kids" are engaged in when they become "victims"? Kind of like the kid he laments about in the editorial. Shot while breaking in to someones home, I'm betting the "victim" was an angel.

Yes, the ability of the anti-gunner to string together so much hysteria over the fact that close to 100 million gun owners did not kill anybody today can sometimes be breathtaking.

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