Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hold The Phone

This piece looked like just another puff piece on the border patrol going about their daily business, doing a thankless job that many consider to be racist and authoritarian. My argument is not about that, I think the Border Patrol guys get little in the way of thanks for a thankless job.

But I noticed this quote in the linked piece.

"As Brownsville's CBP officers perform their critical mission of protecting the homeland from terrorists and weapons of terrorism, they continually apprehend wanted fugitives and seize dangerous narcotics," said Michael Freeman, CBP Port Director, Brownsville.

Any guesses what set me off about this quote? I'll give you a hint. There were two other large authoritarian countries that referred to their home country as "________Land.

Russia referred to her self as the "Motherland".

Nazi Germany was referred to as the "Fatherland" by its inhabitants.

See what makes me nervous about this quote?

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