Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Small Hiatus

Sorry about the lack of posting for the last couple of weeks, my muse went on vacation for awhile and I followed suit.

A little update is in order though. Since my last post on my wife, the New Shooter, we have gone out two more times to the range. The first time after that post, she fired not only her little Sig Mosquito, but also a .25 ACP pocket pistol and is getting quite good given the limited amount of shooting she's done.

The last time we went out, this last week, I took my Mother's Lorcin .25, my CZ-50, our .22 pistols and a pair of AKs (SA-M7 Carbine and my '71 Izzy AKM). Wife shot the snot out of the .32 and the .25 and even wanted to try the Arsenal.

She complained about the recoil the whole time she was shooting it, but wanted to shoot it (and the Izzy) again before we left. I'm thinking the recoil thing doesn't really put her off as much as she'd like me to believe. Hmmmmm.

On a related note, while we were out there, I tested a couple of the new TAPCO Fusion AK mags for function. The black ones worked flawlessly, but the Dark Earth ones kept sticking the follower in the mag body. Happened on both of them. When I got them home and disassembled them, I found something rather curious. The springs in the DE mags were smaller width-wise than the ones in the black mags. While that might be part of the problem with them hanging up in the body, it ain't the whole problem. I think the follower is just a bit too wide for the body and is rubbing too much on the sides. I think a little rub down with some 320-grit sand paper might fix the problem.

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