Saturday, July 18, 2009

What's Going On in Omaha?

I don't know if it's the proximity to liberal Iowa or what, but the city of Omaha is now mandating that fingerprints be taken from anyone who sells a gun in the city.

It seems that some ninnies in the City Council are esscared that someone might try to sell a stolen gun. Surprise, folks, bad guys typically don't sell the firearms they steal to pawn shops for a little pocket money. No, they typically sell them to other criminals.

What this little law is designed to do, I have no idea. Will it get some idiot with the IQ of scrambled eggs who kifes a gun from a break in and thinks he can hock it at a pawn shop?* Maybe, but will it cut down on 'illegal' arms trafficking? Not a chance.

* A couple of years ago, I was headed into a pawn shop here in RC and there was an overwhelming police presence just leaving the parking lot. When I went inside to check to see if they had anything I might be interested in, I asked the guy behind the counter what all the po-po was doing in the parking lot.

It seems there were some goobers from Nebraska who had robbed a gun store and tried to sell the ill-gottenly gained loot at that particular pawn shop, not a half hour before I got there. Evidently, they didn't know about the database that tracks stolen firearms by S/N. The staff kept them (I can't think of any more suitable adjectives to describe just how stupid these guys really were, sorry) busy whilst they called the cops. I happened to come at the tail end of the incident as they were finishing up. Dang the bad luck, anyhow.

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