Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random Ruminations

It sounds like I get to help in the shaping of young minds this weekend. My brother is coming over to sight in his Remington M-700 ADL in .243 and he's bringing his 3 kids along.

He's taking the right path with them, teaching the 4 Rules and starting them off with air rifles before taking the next step up the chain with .22s. What he wants to do this weekend is show the destructive power firearms are capable of. We'll probably fill some gallon jugs with water and get some watermelons to use to show the kids what happens when things get shot.

On a side note, the kids were up last weekend with G'Ma to go school shopping. My mother will not allow her grand kids to wear clothes that are from the bargain bin at the Salvation Army. Their Dad told them that if they asked nice, I would show them my collection. Well they did, and I did. Talk about awe struck. They really liked the Tiger and NDM-86, as well as the Saiga 12. The Saiga .308 was a little too heavy for them, and they thought the AKS-74U SBR was really neat.

They can't wait to come up this weekend. If they're up to it, and my brother allows it, they may get to shoot something out of my collection.

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