Thursday, December 10, 2009

I Loves Me Some Gun Control...NOT!

So the Washington Post is all atwitter about Mayor Bloomberg's latest 'poll' that says that it's the NRA's leadership that is holding up sensible gun laws. You know, the kind of laws that always seem to put out the law-biding but never seem to have any kind of effect on those that break the law. As Say Uncle would say, gun control is something you do instead of something.

Funny, I never got a call.

To answer the question, no. I do not support giving guns to terrorists. However, I also don't believe that because a name appears on a mythical watch list that everybody knows about but nobody's seen should disqualify anyone either. We have a tradition in this country of a thing called 'Due Process'. I'm no lawyer, but I'm pretty sure there has to be something done in a court of law before your rights can be revoked. What this evokes is the lists from 1930's Germany where you were placed on a list and you didn't know it until you got a knock on the door from the neighborhood Gestapo agent with his good buddies in black uniforms with neat little skull and crossbones on the cap and twin lightning bolts on the collar.

Never mind the 'gunshow loophole'. That's been covered ad infinitum across the gun blogosphere. But the ability to deny a civil right simply because your name appears on a secret list, that's downright scary. I don't care how many 'gun owners' they find to trick into answered the question their way.

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