Sunday, December 13, 2009

OMG! Gun Laws Loosened! OMG

That's the gist of this reprint from Fox News. The piece does a fairly good job of highlighting some of the gains around the country at the state level, as well as some at the national level.

But when we get to Kristen Rand of the VPC, we see someone coming down with a case of the vapors.

"They shoot each other over parking spaces, at football games, and at family events", Rand said.

The AP goes even further, explaining that their recent 'studies' on CCP holders committing crimes is growing concern.

A Violence Policy Center project has mined news reports to find that more than 100 people have been killed by holders of handgun carry permits since 2007, including nine law enforcement officers. The project originally intended to list all crimes committed by permit holders, but there were too many to keep track of, Rand said.

I love that part about using only 100 incidents because there were "too many to keep track of". I'd like to see all of these 'incidents' she's referring to. Bear in mind that many of the incidents they probably discarded were law-biding permit holders defending themselves against attack. Much like Mrs. Donna Jackson of Oklahoma. (Special tip o the hat to Kevin Baker for the link!) Or that permit holders commit crimes ate a much lower rate than the general public. But that never stopped the VPC from getting themselves worked up into a lather before.

My favorites of the piece are about Tennessee's new laws on guns in parks and in restaurants that serve alcohol. (See Uncle's round up of the circus, here.) I mean, really? They've got all these people in TN to interview on these topics and they come up with two seniors, aged 69 and 71 respectively, to comment on these two laws? Not knocking the senior citizen crowd here, but couldn't the AP have gotten someone a little younger to puff and crow about these two laws? I'm sure there's no shortage of lefties in Memphis or Knoxville, or Murfreesboro, or somewhere who have something to say about it.

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