Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I've Got Another Idea

These are the types of columns that really have me scratching my head. The 'I'm a gun owner, but...' article.

We've all read them before. Usually, they all start out with 'I'm a gun owner, I support the second amendment, but...' and then dive into why THEIR gun is wholesome, good and righteous and how everyone elses guns are bad, evil, and destined to be the cause of the next massacre at the corner market.

This one has so much wrong with it, it's really hard to know where to begin. And then there's the last commenter. I'm not sure if what the person is writing is true or satire. I certainly hope it's satire, as the other option is downright scary.

That these two individuals are so flippant about one the most basic of fundamental rights is a testament to how far some will go to see the rest of their countrymen and neighbors left defenseless in the face of criminals and what, at least on the surface anyway, appears to be a growingly Constitutionally hostile government.

For those two, I say bring it. Or in the case of King Leonidas of Sparta, Molon Labe. And to quote Mike Vanderbough, if you try to take our firearms away, we will kill you.

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