Sunday, March 18, 2012

Update on Constitutional Carry

So the governor vetoed Constitutional Carry. That much is clear.

But what pissed me off, and this has been worming it's way around my brain since Friday, is what he said.

He didn't want to increase the workload on police.


Excuse me, just a minute here Governor. I thought that's why we hired cops. They're job is to catch people breaking the law. You know, the criminal element? If that job is too hard, if that job is too taxing, then what does that say about the state of law enforcement and the people who go around creating stupid laws that force police to go around doing stupid shit instead of catching the truly criminal among us?

If they can't do the job, or it's too hard for them, then they need to find something else to do. Period.

Workload my ass. This was a cop-out (pun fully intended), plain and simple. It's not like they don't run a background check when they stop you for crossing the double yellow line. Or when they decide they want to check your ID for no apparent reason other than you were there and so were they. Isn't that why we pay for those dispatch centers? Don't they have that kind of information available at their finger tips?

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